Thank You, Stranger! 🙏

In May 2020, the world was turned upside down by an elusive disease called covid-19. Locked down at home like everyone else, I was trying to make sense of my life, so I created this free web app to help people get furniture from IKEA, which was scrambling to send their products to the hands of the desperate customers. I did this entirely for fun, but it became such a success, bringing a series of incredible events to my life that I would never imagine. Users grew exponentially. The kind-hearted ones started to donate(some donated twice!). A reporter for Wall Street Journal interviewed me. Even IKEA employees recommended my app to the customers waiting in front of the stores.

So far, hundreds of thousands in North America have benefited from my app. And I have received donations from thousands of sponsors in tens of thousands of dollars. It feels fantastic to help so many people and be recognized in return. Thank you, all the users, sponsors, and IKEA, for the support and acknowledgment.

Now I have decided to shut this app down completely. However, my enthusiasm for creating beautiful apps and websites will stay. I started a business last year to help more small businesses, both local in Southern California and remotely, with my expertise and passion. If you are interested in my services, you can use the following form to contact me directly. I will reply to you in a few days.

Thank you again, Stranger!


To learn more about how I can help your small business, please use this form to contact me directly.

I will reply to you in a few days. ☀️